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"Daily UI is awesome because it gives me an opportunity to flex my creative muscle without a whole lot of limitation."

James Hsu
UI Designer, Disney

"It gave me an opportunity to improve my time management while honing in on my interface motion design craft."

Derek Torsani
Senior Designer, Oracle

"Love using the Daily UI challenge to experiment. The prompts are great to test out interactions, play with visual styles, etc."

Kelsea Everett
Design Manager, Netflix

"I was able to practice, research, discover, improve, experiment, play and, of course, work hard. Thank you Daily UI"

Francesco Paradiso
Freelance Designer

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Daily Challenges

You'll receive a unique User Interface design challenge for 100 days (Monday-Friday).


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Interpret and then create your own design to share on Dribbble or Twitter with #dailyui


Surprise Rewards

Earn random surprise rewards such as premium design resources, and more!

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About Us

We started Daily UI just as a fun and free way to give back to the design community. Hopefully you're inspired by the challenges and are can use them to improve your design skills and continue learning.