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"Daily UI is awesome because it gives me an opportunity to flex my creative muscle without a whole lot of limitation. Plus, it's fun checking out other people's design solutions."

James Hsu, 

Art Director and UI Designer, Disney

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"It took serious initiative and self-control to sit down everyday and animate a design solution to a user experience problem. But it gave me an opportunity to improve my time management while honing in on my interface motion design craft."

"As an enterprise designer, I found the #DailyUI challenge a great way to break outside of my comfort zone. It enabled me to design for prompts I normally wouldn't have a chance to, expanding my skills as a designer."

Kelsea Everett

Product Designer, Netflix

Jamie Sigadel

UI Designer, Agencyport Software

See what some of the best UI designers are saying:

"Love using the Daily UI challenge to experiment outside of my day-to-day work. The prompts are great to test out interactions, play with visual styles and use as a springboard for learning new tools."

"Participating in the project helped me improve my skills, interact with wonderful people, and find potential employers. For those just starting out it's really an excellent boost!"

Alexander Cafa

Freelance UI Designer

Derek Torsani

Lead Designer, Sam Cart

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